Lifelong Catechesis

Forming Catholic identity across generations
May 24, 2024


The twofold character of Advent calls us to prepare for the remembering of the Word made Flesh at Christmas, and directs us to wait with alertness for Jesus’ second coming.

Activity of the Week

Second Sunday of Advent

Choose one of the following activities as a way to further reflect on the Sunday readings:

  • At the dinner table, share examples of how family members have been a source of peace this past week. Ask each at the table to finish this sentence, “This week I helped make peace by…”
  • As a family, make a list of ways you can make your home a better place for Christ to live. Post the list where everyone can see it. Every day during Advent focus on one item on the list.
  • Imagine what the world would be like if everyone lived in peace and harmony. Have family members cut out examples from the newspaper of people working for peace and justice in the world today. Pray for all those who are poor and discriminated against, and for all those who help them.