Lifelong Catechesis

Forming Catholic identity across generations
May 28, 2024


Forty days before the Triduum, the Lenten season disposes Catechumens and the faithful to celebrate the paschal mystery through prayer and penitential practices.

Questions of the Week

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Theme: Death and New Life

Breaking Open the Word
Suggested text for faith sharing: Today’s Gospel

Step One: Listen to the Word
As you hear this reading, what words or phrases strike you? What in this reading touches your heart? What image of faith does this reading give you?

Step Two: Look into Your Life

Question for Children: Name one thing you can do or stop doing that will help you have a better friendship with Jesus.

Question for Youth: Sometimes one thing needs to die in order for something new to be born. When have you experienced this in your own life? What do you need to let go of now for something new to grow?

Question for Adults: Name one area in your life that you need to let go of, to die to, in order to rise with new life.