Lifelong Catechesis

Forming Catholic identity across generations
June 25, 2024


The sound of Alleluias fills the 50 days of Easter Sunday to Pentecost as we give thanks for the gift of our salvation. The Easter Triduum recalls the passion and resurrection of Christ in the sacred journey from Holy Thursday to Easter Vigil. "Dying he destroyed our death. Rising he restored our life."

Saint of the Week

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Bernardine of Siena, Priest

Bernardine was the son of a public official in a town in Italy. Orphaned at the age of seven, Bernardine was raised by an aunt. He chose to join the confraternity of Our Lady at seventeen and, by the age of twenty, was running a hospital in his hometown of Siena for victims of the plague. A dynamic person, Bernardine began to preach in Milan in 1417 against the evils of paganism which was widespread at that time. He soon became known for his eloquence and attracted crowds of as many as 30,000 as he followed Saint Francis’ advice to preach about “vice and virtue, punishment and glory.” Bernardine traveled on foot throughout Italy, and might preach for several hours in one town before walking on to speak in another town.

Sometimes it takes a while for God’s call to take shape in our lives. While Bernardine learned fairly early in his life that he wanted to serve God, it was some years before he recognized his call to preach, as well as to lead his Franciscan order in reform.