Lifelong Catechesis

Forming Catholic identity across generations
July 17, 2024


Forty days before the Triduum, the Lenten season disposes Catechumens and the faithful to celebrate the paschal mystery through prayer and penitential practices.

Saint of the Week

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and Doctor

Cyril was a great teacher of the early Church. Because of Cyril’s teaching skills, the bishop of Jerusalem asked him to prepare catechumens for Baptism. Cyril explained the beliefs of the Church to the catechumens. His lectures on the creed and the sacraments are the best records of the kind of instruction that catechumens were given in the early Church. Even after Cyril himself became the bishop of Jerusalem, he continued to give these lectures because he considered the work so important.