Lifelong Catechesis

Forming Catholic identity across generations
May 19, 2024

Ordinary Time

For a large part of the liturgical year, we devote ourselves to listening to the mystery of Christ in all its aspects unfolded as we seek God's truth and understanding.

Activity of the Week

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Choose one of the following activities as a way to further reflect on the Sunday readings:

  • In this Sunday’s Gospel story of Martha and Mary, Mary shows us how important it is to take the time to acknowledge the presence of God. When do you take time out to pray and listen to God?
  • Imagine Jesus is coming to your home. Talk about how you would prepare and what you would plan to do while he is visiting. How would you make Jesus feel welcomed? Would you do things differently when he is visiting?
  • Evaluate with your family; are you more like Martha or Mary? Do you do the jobs that are given you or do you feel as if you have to do more than other members of the family? Do the jobs you do include doing the work of the Lord?
  • Think about how your family welcomes guests and make a list of what you do to make them feel welcome. Decide what else you may need to do to make them feel that they are being welcomed as you would welcome Christ.