Lifelong Catechesis

Forming Catholic identity across generations
May 24, 2024

Ordinary Time

For a large part of the liturgical year, we devote ourselves to listening to the mystery of Christ in all its aspects unfolded as we seek God's truth and understanding.

Activity of the Week

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Choose one of the following activities as a way to further reflect on the Sunday readings:

  • God asks us to love our neighbor. As a family, investigate the treatment of refugees or other immigrants in your community. What difficulties do they experience? Talk about what you as a family can do to help.
  • Collect and write down family stories about your ancestors who first came to this country. What do their experiences teach us about the way we should treat others?
  • We show our love for God by imitating God’s compassion in caring for those who are poor. Use this time to evaluate your family’s concern for those who are poor in your community. Remind your family that you also need to be aware of the sufferings of those who are poor throughout the world. Gather together as a family, and vote on a family project to help alleviate suffering in your community or in the world.
  • Together with your family, draw a large heart on a blank sheet of white paper. Cut out the heart and write the passage from Matthew’s Gospel 22:37-39 inside. Hang the heart in a special place to remind your family of Jesus’ Great Commandment each day.